One of the pleasures of viewing day clouds  is observing their apparent structure--they are made of tiny  bits of water or ice, after all--and their flimsy whispery-ness.  As you watch these images, note especially the "cloud holes."  They give depth and dimensionality to the images if seen imaginatively.


Cloud types depend on altitude:

0 miles - Stratus clouds (fog)

1 mile - Cumulus, Stratocumulus, Nimbostratus (rain).

From 1 mile at base to 8 miles at top: Cumulonimbus (thunderhead).

3 miles - Altostratus (haze).       4 miles - Altocumulus. 

5 miles - Cirrostratus.        6 miles - Cirrocumulus.        7 miles - Cirrus.

Cumulus cloud
ACD 039
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