WELCOME--or WELCOME BACK--to the newly envisioned 

Nature Eye.  


This website is devoted to highlighting the natural beauty which surrounds us.  I offer an essay here which develops this idea in more detail.  It's on the page called                    . A link to this essay is given at the bottom of this page, for those of you who are interested.


The "re-envisioning" of this website is a SLOW WORK IN PROGRESS.  Nonetheless, I intend to add some images or other work to our site regularly.  At present, I plan to enlarge each gallery--not just the New Images gallery--with additional images. 


I've added two new galleries, at the top of the gallery list on the Main Menu.  The first is called Images New and Refound.  In this gallery I place my newest work, as well as images I stumble across in my too-large collection.  The second gallery is called The Permanent Collection.  It houses my favorite images and contains some of my best work.  

Also NEW:  From time to time, you will encounter a slideshow which is called a series, such as "Bald Eagle series" or "Bluebird Break-Up series."  Each of these series is a slideshow of still photos in sequence, depicting some event or action.  I hope you find these series enjoyable.  They seem to me to be life in nature as it goes on.

 I always invite you to visit the Let's Talk page to share with me your comments, criticism, corrections, and  insights.  I closely read each comment and take each one to heart.  And I will respond to you as appropriate and as you express your wishes.  Thank you for your interest.  I hope this site gives you pause to reflect, and that it moves your heart.



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To My Guests -- an essay on Silence and the Beautiful

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