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Where are you going from here?   You have many choices.  Just as in a city's art museum, here we have several galleries, listed below on the left.  Next to each one is a list of the collections it contains, and a short description of the collections.

When you find a collection that appeals to you, click on its name, and in a flash you will be in that world.

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My favorite images, and
perhaps my best work, as well.
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I 've known and loved--some more; some less.

butterflies, dragonflies, bees .....

Butterfly section is open.
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clouds, sunsets/rises, storms, lightning...

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of all sorts, as I've encountered them.

mainly wildflowers.

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spiders, ants, creatures you can't imagine.

Are you sure that trees are simply useful?

as natural entities:  people, interesting people,

creativity, aircraft, and of course, cars.

Will you know it when you see it?

lunar phases.,

full moons, eclipses, 

  I'm an amateur, so let's learn together!

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And some links to other places on the site.
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where you first landed on this site

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where we first met.

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my essay on silence and the beautiful.

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a Contact Me page where you can communicate directly with me, to express your impressions of my work, or your criticisms and suggestions--or if you wish, where we can correspond.

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  Matthew Skulicz  (permissions)