Plant Life


       Sure, there's no doubt that people who are aware of the plant life around us, no matter where we live, welcome the spring months and find joy in the blossoming flowers: crocuses, roses, irises, oleander, lilac, peonies, hybiscus, and so many more--all of them beautiful and refreshing and bringing joy into our days.

       But most of us, and even many of the folks who love the plant life, pay little or no attention to the flowering growth beneath our feet as we walk or play on the grasses beneath us, unaware of the abundance of plant life so near to us but so blindly ignored.

       On this page I offer you some plant-life photo choices.  The first option is a glimpse not only at the large and impressive wild growth that we may encounter, but also and especially the tiny and ever-present flowers of the ignored plant life beneath our feet.  The second option is some photos of cultivated plants, such as might be found in our gardens and greenhouses.  And the third option is a happy page of azaleas.  Enjoy.