The Moon

~ This Gallery is not yet open ~

This gallery has two purposes: that you may enjoy the photos of the Moon here, and that if you are fascinated by the Moon, as I am, you can join me in a more detailed look at the surface features of the Moon, as we see them in our photos.

So, if you are inclined toward enjoyment, you might wish to view the "Daylight Moon" and the "Scenic Nighttime Moon" sections, and, perhaps, the "Lunar Phases" photos, as well.

If, on the other hand, you want to study the Moon in more detail, you will want to view the photos in the "Lunar Phases" and "Geography of the Moon" sections.

Join me in exploring the Geography of the Moon.  Our camera provides us a way of getting a closer look at the many surface features of Earth's only natural satellite.  And a good lunar map will help us identify and name the lunar "seas" and "recesses" and, of course, the major craters. - I'm a beginner at this, so my identifications may be wrong. The more expert are encouraged to correct my errors.